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Empowering Educators

Silicon Valley Education Foundation believes in improving public education by establishing effective partnerships with local school districts, the private sector and other community organizations to support students and educators. A critical means by which we, as a community, can improve public education is by empowering our educators through valuable resources such as our Teacher Innovation Grants, Lessonopoly online curriculum and professional development programs.

Technology Resources

We have researched and gathered over 100 links to conveniently provide teachers with some of the most valuable online resources. Here you will find professional sites for credentials and similar information, general teacher sites for lesson plans and standards/frameworks, federal government sites with thousands of classroom materials, subject area sites and organizations, and teacher sites keyed to all of California’s state adopted texts. Check out how these resources can help you with developing new lesson plans or planning your professional development needs.

Grants Now Open

Teacher Innovation Grants are now available. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, March 27, 2013. Learn more about our guidelines to prepare an application.

Teacher of the Month

Read about our KBAY Teacher of the Month program and learn how Teacher Innovation Grant awardees have used their grants to inspire and challenge students in new ways of learning.