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National Board Certification for Teachers Program

Silicon Valley Education Foundation is currently working with 30 teachers from Santa Clara County K-12 public schools to prepare them for the National Board Certification process and elevate the quality of Silicon Valley’s teachers in today’s classrooms.

A Step Toward National Board Certification for Teachers

National Board Certification has been found to increase teacher effectiveness by helping teachers develop skills to teach in new and more effective ways, thereby significantly improving student success and outcomes. Our goal is to increase the percentage of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) in Silicon Valley as part of a strategy to elevate the quality of teaching in our region. Teacher quality in general and National Board Certification of teachers in particular have been shown in a multitude of research studies to significantly raise student achievement.


As administrators who have studied the research on proven strategies for improving teacher quality know, National Board Certification has been shown in numerous studies to improve the ability of teachers to increase student learning, especially among students with the greatest challenges.

Take One! is a first step toward National Board Certification for Teachers and uses the NBCT standards to improve teachers' practices. The teachers in the Take One! Program study the high standards of the National Board for Professional Teacher Standards (NBPTS) and work in teams to help align their practices with those standards. The goal of Take One! Is to help teachers and administrators form professional learning communities with a common language for improved student achievement. An added benefit is that individual teachers can start on the path to National Board Certification using Take One! as the starting point.


Generally one Support Provider is available for every 10 Take One! candidates. This support constitutes 15 hours with a Support Provider from November through April. Training begins with a five-hour Saturday training and includes ten 90-minute sessions after the school day. The training is targeted at helping individual candidates submit the necessary work and to establish professional learning communities that engage in focused conversations about teaching in ways that promote learning for all students.


Teachers in the current program must submit the required portfolio for the Take One! program which is scored through NBPTS. Upon successful review of their submission, teachers can apply their score toward full certification within the following two years should they decide to continue. Either way, the professional development training is invaluable and leads to increased student achievement.

Certified Teachers

Congratulations to the National Board Certified Teachers from Santa Clara County schools.


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