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Partnerships - Our Approach

Finding the right partners is a delicate and thoughtful process. Ensuring that all parties find the arrangement beneficial is critical. As such, our approach strives to align goals, needs, and resources as determined below.

Partnership model

Partnership Model

Partnership Fit test

Partnership Model

Partnership Assessment

Partnership Model

School District Partners

View the list of public school districts and charter schools in Santa Clara County who partner with Silicon Valley Education Foundation to receive valuable programs and services.

STEM Education

Learn about our STEM education programs and why mastery of science and math skills is important for preparing students for college and careers in the 21st century.

Teacher of the Month

Read about our KBAY Teacher of the Month program and learn how Teacher Innovation Grant awardees have used their grants to inspire and challenge students in new ways of learning.

TOP-Ed Blog

Sign up for our daily blog for the latest news, analysis and discussion on local and statewide education policy. Contributors include classroom teachers, policy analysts and citizen activists.